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Make your dental impressions easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before with our Digital Dentistry. Have the chance to experience and enjoy the new standard in dental care only here at Mundaring Dental & Implant Centre.
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Experience Personalised Care in Less Time with Digital Dentistry

You’re probably like most people who hate going to the dentist because it takes a long time to get a treatment done. It’s always a hassle, and it feels like you’re spending more time in the chair than getting the treatment you need.
For many years, dental professionals have relied on the conventional procedure, tools and techniques. While these methods have served us well, there is now modern digital dentistry that can provide a high level of care for every patient.

With digital dentistry, you get more personalised care because everything is automated. Digital dentistry techniques can help dentists identify, diagnose, and manage oral diseases in their early stages. In contrast to traditional x-rays, CBCT x-rays and digital radiography images can be enlarged. For this reason, they can provide an accurate representation of a patient’s teeth and dental health. That means no more waiting in line or being rushed through your appointment. At Mundaring Dental & Implant Centre, we offer digital dentistry technology, so you know you’re always getting the best care possible. Make the most of your pearly whites once again by calling us at 08 6495 2000 today!

The Benefits of Digital Dentistry

At Mundaring Dental & Implant Centre, we are always looking for new ways to improve patient care and make it more convenient. Our advanced technology and techniques in dentistry offer a wide range of advantages for patients. These include:

Diagnosing Conditions with Accuracy: Digital technology has made it possible for our dentists to diagnose oral diseases in their early stages with accuracy. Unlike traditional x-rays that cover only a general overview of the patient’s teeth or mouth area, these new images provide a precise analysis of each tooth so they can take corrective measures before it becomes too late.

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Save Time and Money: At Mundaring Dental & Implant Centre, our qualified dentists can have your restoration ready on the same day, cutting out any further appointments and saving you time. Digital images of your mouth are immediately available to our labs for review, which means less hassle, and you don’t need to wait around.

Enhanced Communication: With our digital dental practice, patients receive instant feedback on their proposed procedures and restorations. This is possible because 3D impressions are sent for review to collaborate with other professionals or laboratories during the treatment process, even if you’re still within our walls.

A Better Patient Experience: Digital imaging and 3D printing have allowed our dentists to reduce the use of traditional impression materials, which many patients find inconvenient. Instead, you can simply scan your teeth with a machine that creates an accurate digital model from scratch in minutes.

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We listen to your concerns for your smile, and dental health. We help make your treatment choices in simple, and non judgemental way, and deliver your chosen treatment with a fast, efficient, and caring touch.

Convenient Quality Dental Care

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of professionals continues to provide high-quality dental services, from general dentistry and dental implant services to restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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A Compassionate Team Utilizing Modern Technology:

Mundaring Dental & Implant Centre offers the latest dental implant technology and techniques to provide you with the best possible results. Our state-of-the-art equipment makes your dental implant experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Easily Accessible

Mundaring Dental & Implant Centre is proud to offer flexible payment plan options to make sure that everyone receives the dental care they need.

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Same-day Dentistry and Fast Turn Around Time

Mundaring Dental & Implant Centre offers same-day service for various dental treatments, including dental crowns. You can get high-quality dental care and more natural-looking crowns in just one visit!


The practice of digital dentistry involves the use of devices or technology that use computer-based or digital components. In contrast, traditional dental processes rely on mechanical or electrical processes.

Computer-based technology enables dental practices to improve patient care. One of the best things about digital dentistry is that it reduces manual steps in dental procedures. Therefore, dentists can provide a more efficient and automated dental treatment process.

Several advances in services, such as restorative dental work and prosthetic dental work, are made possible by using digital technology. With this technology, we can provide same-day dental crowns. The permanent, durable, and lifelike restorations provide long-term protection for teeth damaged by advanced cavities or physical trauma. 

In line with this, we can also provide a more secure fit for dentures using digital dentistry. Moreover, we can develop a successful placement plan for your dental implants before the dental procedure by capturing detailed digital images.

Creating a digital, 3D impression of your mouth will be the first step. You can expect your dentist to move a small intra-oral scanner around your teeth and gums. Images are displayed on a monitor. If you are curious to see what’s going on in your mouth and teeth, your dentist can position the screen so that you can see it as it happens.

The scanner has a smooth surface, measures around 3 inches, and is less thick than the head of a large toothbrush. It may require prodding by the dentist to acquire the necessary images, but intra-oral scanning is a lot more convenient and quicker than traditional impressions.

The imaging and scanning take as little as 10 minutes. Following the scanning process, the images captured by the scanner are sent to a computer, which creates a 3D model of your mouth or tooth, ready for your dentist to see.

The treatment will determine the next steps you’re having done and your dentist will explain the options available to you.

Digital dentistry offers an evolution from mechanical, electrical or manual devices used to assist patients. As a result, digital dentistry could eventually reduce the cost of oral healthcare. In other words, the longer your treatment takes, the more you are likely to spend on it. Therefore, the more dental procedures involved, the higher the cost.

With digital dentistry, you can immediately have the timely and accurate dental impressions that are needed for your next treatment in just one visit which means no more hassles and waiting. In this way, you can actually save time and money.

You might be surprised at the advances in digital dentistry if it’s been a while since your last dentist appointment. It has transformed dental care for the better. Try it, you might just like it!

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